Electronic Music

Music has been around for a long time and it makes up a huge part of our culture. Everyone you know has had a connection with music, even if they arent’ avid listeners like myself who can’t seem to go a day without it.

Electronic music, Dance Music, (EDM), however you wish to label it, has a vibe. Electronic music has a different feeling to it. It takes traditional instruments and sounds and it gives it that distinct difference that we all know and love.

I love Dance music. I love particularly uptempo dance including House. It just makes me very happy. The tempo is enough to wear I feel like I’m cruising. It keeps me moving throughout my day and helps me to stay more active.

Aside from listening to music at the gym, which I will say, make a huge difference in my workouts, I love using it for other things. Whether it’s cutting grass in the summer on a hot day, getting work done at home, detailing my car, the music just keeps me focused and moving. It helps to keep me happy and productive.

If you have never really used music in working out I highly recommend it. If you haven’t used electronic music during your workouts, especially cardio, I recommend it even more!

Electronic music has a lot of energy and it has a good range of frequencies. I tend to combine it with a large amount of caffeine personally, to get a good workout in. This may not be the healthiest lifestyle but I think you probably understand.

I always encourage people to try listening to electronic music and to incorporate it into their life in some way. I think it’s actually healthy. A lot of Dance songs can be sad just like any other genre, but the tempo and energy can balance it out. Some songs are also so positive that combined with the energy and tempo it just makes you feel amazing. Driving, working out, or just being outside, the music can just add that extra energy to just make everything feel amazing.

If you have made it to the bottom of this post I want to say thank you. Thank you for taking the time to read my post and thank you for being curious. To all of you who may be new to electronic music, give it a shot. To all of my regulars well, you already know how I feel about you. Keep listening, and keep going.

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