Being Disciplined With Creating More Content

In today’s world content creation is something very common. It isn’t just reserved for professionals. You don’t need a degree or to be the best. You don’t need a large following at all in order to build one. The one thing you need is just some consistency. You have to just show up and form the habit of creating content more often until maybe one day you don’t have to create as much.

I feel like building a following is just like building any other relationship. It comes with repetition. When you meet someone new it all comes down to how much time you will potentially spend with that person down the road. I always think of dating. You might struggle today, often enough, but when you do meet someone, if you can spend more than one day with that person, you have already probably started building a future relationship in some way. Just like an advertisement, all you need is the ability to captivate someone’s attention enough, to get a little more of their time. That time allows them to really get to know you and for you to naturally show them what you have to offer. Oftentimes, you have way more to offer than other people realize. Trust me on that because I am one of those people.

The challenge comes with how do you get people to show up. More importantly, how do you get them to stick around? For starters it helps, in my opinion, to just be authentic. Be a little raw. People like being able to relate to other people and a lot of people in this world are well, pretty normal.

It is going to be the average person that stops by and checks out your blog. It’s going to be that person may be tired on their lunch break scrolling on their phone. Maybe it’s someone younger that is newer to the world and they just so happen to be looking for something. You and your content could be the place that people of all ages and demographics simply stumble upon.

I personally, much like with a lot of things, was making this harder than it had to be. All I had to do was just write more often and not worry about the outcome. That’s it! I’ve learned that to be the case with many things is life. It’s hard sometimes to juggle everything but you just have to try the best that you can each day. Maybe just like myself, it might be a few months to a year where you all of a sudden decide to pick something back up again.

Some people think a lot of things out, and some people just do something in the moment. When I write I write in the moment. I usually write in one sitting. I proofread a little, add a photo, then send the post off into the world. I’m not worrying about everything being perfect anymore. I’m simply focused on creating content that people can relate to. It’s real. That’s it!

If you are reading this I want to say thank you. I have been putting a thank you section at the bottom of my blogs lately. I also want to tell you to follow me on my socials if you enjoy my content. My Instagram probably would help the most down the road. The social icons are at the top left of the blog, just scroll back up.

Maybe my following with all of my content can be enough one day to get a sponsorship with a major brand and create passive income. Thanks again for being here and feel free to comment or just interact a little, even if it is just a like or a share. Talk to you later.

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