Coming Up With Blog Ideas Including Film

As someone that loves movies and also enjoys blogging, I’ve never combined the two. I’m no film critic by any means but that is also the best part. I don’t have to be.

My blog has a lot of different content. I think this time around with writing I’m going to focus more on certain topics and maybe create separate pages for them in the future. After all, people love themes and pages. They love categories and sifting through something just to maybe find something tailored to them.

When it comes to movies I am a little old-fashioned. I’ll rent movies through apple tv. I don’t use Netflix or other streaming services. I may try some in the future but as of right now I don’t plan on changing much.

Movies are one of my go-to escapes and I have watched a lot of films over and over again. I own currently 139 films digitally. I will still rent from time to time but I think collecting movies comes just from the habit of older technology. As a kid, I used to love collecting Disney films on VHS. I think as human beings we like to collect things as a form of “gathering”.

I have never written a blog post based on a film but you may very well end up seeing one soon. I’m already getting excited just by thinking about it. Even right now I was stuck and wasn’t sure what to write about and now look. I’m coming up with more and more ideas.

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