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House music is probably one of the most influential genres of music in my life. As a sub-genre of Dance, House music has many sub-genres of its own, each with a subtle yet unique element that makes it a little different from the others.

When I first listed to house music I enjoyed a lot of it but I was still skeptical. I didn’t know what I know now. I couldn’t hear then what I can clearly hear now. To me, some tracks seemed modern and had vocals (Dance), while others were more repetitive and very simple (original House), maybe you’d call it Chicago-style House.

Looking back on it all I didn’t understand the history at first. I didn’t know about original elements and the technology at the time House music was being created. I know now. I didn’t understand how Dance was more of the modern term for uptempo-style music that encompassed many other genres, just like how “Pop” music does. I know these things now and they make listening to music more enjoyable. The knowledge and understanding makes me enjoy the language associated with music, specifically electronic music.

House music just like any other genre has its trends. For example, let’s say the more recent Tech House trend. A lot of songs were throwback edits of Pop and Hip Hop songs from the ’90s and ’00s, but with drums, synths, and bass elements of Tech House. This genre, or sub-genre, is one that I have fallen in love with. A lot of that has to do with the more modern twist that makes Tech House tracks more into Dance tracks, with more vocals and a consistent dance-style song structure.

House music is what I enjoy playing the most. That is why when I upload DJ mixes online at Mixcloud it is usually always House. I like uptempo music, it’s fun and it’s stimulating in a fast-paced world. It’s something I grew into as my ears and hearing developed more and more. Plus I like mixing it because of the tempo ranges. It just flows.

If you are someone looking to get into listening to House music just know that it’s not uncommon for it to maybe take some time getting used to. This is normal. You just have to keep listening enough to find the subgenres and elements that you enjoy the most. You then can dig and find the artists that facilitate those sounds and elements. This is what DJs do and what you can do even just as a listener or fan. For example, remember how I mentioned Tech-house, well the artist Noizu for example uses amazing Techno-style synth stabs in his track Catch My Love. James Hype is another Tech House example with his remix of the song Goodbye by Imanbek and Goodboys.

Both artists and both songs incorporate very similar sounds. Once you begin to hear this you can begin collecting music around similar sounds and elements, rather than just randomly. This feels good because you feel like you have control over the sound, feeling, and energy you want throughout your day when you are listening. This makes you feel superhuman even when you are just driving down the road with the windows down.

If you are a fan of House music then maybe you will like some of my mixes. Here is my Mixcloud link if you want to check it out. Until next time, thanks for reading, and more importantly, thanks for listening.

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