Currently Working On Giving My Blog A New Look

If you are wondering why my blog looks different lately it’s because I’m making some changes. I felt like the blog didn’t look the best it could and I wanted to reinvent it. I’m still working on deciding which template I want to use. I also have to remember how to rearrange the links to different pages. I have some work to do but I figured in the meantime I would create some new content.

As far as writing I feel kind of refreshed. I remembered that I don’t have to overthink everything. I just need to write and be genuine. I just have to be authentic and showcase my life, the good with the bad. When you read this as much as you love seeing the success you also enjoy seeing other people going through something. It’s human nature. If you are going through something yourself you probably enjoy, again, being able to relate.

Sometimes I forget that there are many forms of writing. Blogging can be formal or informal and that’s the best part. The whole reason I ever enjoyed blogging was that it didn’t have to be perfect. It didn’t have to be like a middle school English paper which used to stress the hell out of me. It could be more like a college paper, where it’s more about the content, and it just so happens the professor is always, “pressed for time”.

Even right now I’m looking at this post under the newer layout and it’s just simple. The text and font although simple looks crisp and clean. I’m loving it right now! I’m loving how it’s making me feel.

If you are reading this and are enjoying it I am grateful. I like how sometimes we can just enjoy the simplest of things like reading and writing. I hope you are entertained or at least, I hope you feel like you read something meaningful or inspiring. Sometimes we all cross each other’s paths for a reason. We are not only supposed to learn something but we are also supposed to teach in some way as well. I hope that maybe at the moment I have taught you something. Hopefully, at this moment, it has brought you some peace and enjoyment.

Until next time my friends. Talk to you later.

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