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Dance Music & What It Means To Me Years Later

It has been a little over decade since my freshman year of college. I never thought I would be writing this now. Music now, versus then, is so much bigger! At least for me, I can’t speak for you, but music grew with me so much! Dance music, Electronic Music especially, or whatever you want to call it, “EDM”, its a big thing! It’s important to me, and I know it means a lot to others!

I can’t imagine my life without music. It isn’t just a “tape”, like when I was probably 7 or 8 years old. It isn’t just a “CD”, like when I was probably 10-12: it’s been so long. Music isn’t just an “iPOD”, like when I was in 8th grade, on a bus to and from school, or maybe even riding my bike. Music isn’t an just “iPhone”, “SoundCloud”, or “Spotify”! Music is everything! It is everywhere, and it is in between all the cracks and places we can’t go or see. Music now more than ever, is everywhere!

Dance music is an identity to me. It comes after “I Am”. It is a shirt I wear, or it is sound I pump into the neighborhood as I drive. It is with me when I “pull up”. It is with me when I’m at the gym and I need more energy. It was there during a breakup or even just the dating scene. It has brought me memories with friends. It has spread to those friends and has become apart of their lives now too. It keeps spreading, and it is supposed to because I always wanted it to!

Dance music was a vacation with best friends. It was the car ride there! It was and will be, backyard cookouts, with White Claws, Truly’s, or Press, and a Bluetooth speaker. It was those women I’ve met over the years at the night clubs, you know, the ones that you run into and that make you freeze up. The kind of women that excite you, make you feel energized and alive!

I love being able to go to a party, and here “mint” on Spotify. Just by the tracks, you know it’s probably from that. I love being able to walk into a room and lip sing the vocals to a song written by a strong woman, while at the same time being the example of a strong, and confident man. I love the way the music forces me to close my eyes when I sing it because with them open, my sense of hearing and feeling just isn’t strong enough. I love it because it keeps me in the moment, and it keeps me staying true to who I am no matter what life throws at me. It keeps my heart pure.

If you are someone that loves music in general, or if you are someone who is just as passionate about dance music as I am, then I want you to share this post. Share it if you can relate to it, or if you know someone who can. Comment and say how you feel. Tell me what it means to you! Above all else, keep the music playing. I’ll talk to you soon!


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