Showing The Universe Gratitude For All Things

I Am Grateful For Everything. With The Many Changes And Challenges Within The Past Year I Am Grateful For The Universe. I Am Grateful For Growth. I Am Grateful Just To Be Curious.

This morning I was thinking a lot. I couldn’t sleep anymore because I went out last night. Usually, if I have a few drinks I will sleep for a few hours then wake up. Often times I’m dehydrated and warm. Although these moments can be unsettling at times, I usually find myself being very curious about the world. My thoughts race because of the fatigue and of course the alcohol, but there is a moment of excitement as well.

This morning I had an idea for a blog post. This past year with everything going on in the world, things haven’t been exactly normal. I haven’t been completely myself. I have ups and downs and the main challenge is still finding my purpose and my main source of income. I’m still experimenting and trying to be patent with the nightlife scene slowing down and now, a curfew.

Despite everything that is going on I am still so incredibly grateful. Focusing on the Law Of Attraction has given me a way to create almost a modern version of my own religion. I’m still a Christian but I practice differently. I say the Universe more lately than say God, but I tend to pray to both. I will pray to Jesus here and there but not as often. My perspective is more spiritual than religious and now I finally understand what that means. I finally understand where others are coming from when they say they consider themselves “spiritual” not “religious”.

One thing I will say is that with the law of attraction I have found a connection with everything. I feel like I see more patterns, and even with different religions, I understand more now the underlying theme of what they are trying to teach us. Mind you I do not study religion in general, but from what I have heard, I feel like most religions have a positive theme that is simply trying to help teach us how to approach this life, at least based on others and their past experiences.

If you are reading this and you are someone I know, in some way shape, or form, especially if you are a woman, I’ve probably prayed for you in some way. I’m always praying. I always did before as a Christian but now I can relate to my newer approach more than ever. It feels modern and personal to me. It gives spirituality life again. I don’t have to focus only on the past and on interpretations of ancients texts, but rather can look up to the stars and simply ask a question. I can simply think, and feel, even in the current moment.

I am grateful to the Universe for all things. I have love and gratitude for all things. I am growing and still trying to awaken myself as much as possible. Although it can be overwhelming at times, I am grateful for the challenge. I am grateful for information and knowledge. I am grateful for curiosity and for the chance to be deeply connected to this world, to the people within it, and beyond. Quite frankly, I’m simply just grateful!

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