Letting Life Find You

I haven’t written in a while and it has been in the back of my mind lately. I keep telling myself, “Mike, just write something!”. I do this with my DJ mixes as well as with anything creative that I work on or pursue. I think most people that have a creative side deal with this feeling. It can be challenging because a lot of our creativity comes from our hearts and our ability to feel. It oftentimes comes from our mood which can be easily affected.

Although we are responsible for our lives, I’d say some would argue that there is no right or wrong way to live. We place pressure on ourselves every day based on norms that other people have created. We as a species try and “fit in” or “blend in” within a group. As a whole or a collective, we try to unite with those that are around us. It is innate. It is natural.

Although we try and fit in with nature and with other people we often come to find it to be difficult. There are times where doing what our culture calls for becomes, bland, or even tiring. We begin to look inwardly for answers, and then almost seem to be disappointed when we discover the truth. We almost rebuke the side of us that is desperately trying to guide us from within. We begin to go against our own souls and the connection they have to the universe.

At a certain point in my life, I decided to make a choice. I decided I’m no longer going to fight that little voice from within. I said I’m going to go towards happiness, and towards the things that make me happy and that excite me, rather than stress or drain me. I said that I’m going to be myself. I’m going to be who I am no matter what. I can’t afford to be anything else anymore. It got to a point where that energy and feeling was no longer sustainable. It was no way to live a life.

Life is supposed to find you in a sense. It is supposed to remind you of what matters. Often times we are so caught up in the things that aren’t healthy for us, or at least, not anymore. Jobs, relationships, friends, habits, that no longer serve us, consume so much of our time and lives. Time is the most precious thing and it can take an entire lifetime to figure out how to use it, in a way that best serves you. They don’t teach you how to live a life that is grateful for the amount of time we have. I suppose to some that is not what we are supposed to focus on.

Letting life find you can be the greatest gift you allow yourself to receive. Better yet, that gift is free! Life is supposed to be exciting, it is supposed to be fun, it is supposed to feel good. Even with growth and challenges, those things only seem large, simply because we are not living how we are supposed to. Whether we are born in a certain environment or location, if something doesn’t feel right we need to change that. We need to be around good things, and good people. The sooner we go towards what gives us peace, and what excites us, the sooner life really begins!

Take the time to let life find you. Go towards life. Go towards good things, good people, and good relationships. Go towards good places, good activities, and good deeds. Go towards the places that guide you, and that feel good instead of evil. Ask the universe for guidance and to filter out all people and things that do not truly serve you. You will find that your path changes and that your life truly starts to begin!

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