Living A Life Worth Remembering

Many of us want to become something more. We daydream and we think about a world separate from our own. We envision something much different than what we are used to. We picture ourselves surrounded by different environments, people, and things. We see ourselves smiling more, laughing more, and have more respect from others.

I have visions where I walk into a room and everyone stops. I picture a suit, I picture my head being held high. I see myself covered in honor, and I walk with grace. I lead by example, and people are proud of me because of it. They nod and they smile, for they are grateful for what I’ve become. They are grateful for the fact that I kept going, and that I stayed true to myself, for they now know it is in fact possible.

I do not wished to buried underneath the earth in a box one day. I only wish to become apart of the soil that provides a home to all life. I don’t want people to think of me as a man, but as a symbol. I want them to remember what I stood for and what I believed in. I want them to remember my “theme”. I want them to remember my confidence, my adversity, and my courage. I want them to remember my strength and my purpose.

This life is what we make it. It is what we believe in, focus on, and act upon. This life is our mind. It is our dreams, our visions, or imagination! This life is ours, and it must be respected and loved. It must be valued for it is infinite. I hope that you much like myself, cherish it every day that much more after reading this. I hope you walk into a room confident and strong. I hope that you continue to work on your dreams until every one of them becomes a reality. I am grateful and I believe you are too!

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