Believing In What You Have Always Wanted

Often times we try different things but are emotions seem to be so up and down. Whenever we talk about certain things we get excited, then we get “realistic”. Friends might gas you up, while others might knock you down. Family, although they may love you, at the same time, are probably “concerned” about your future. We have all heard it all before and we all have to block it out.

Life is individualistic but often it can feel like a collective effort. You want to do what you want with your life but yet you have so many other influences. You think one thing while the world thinks another. When you are young you are cared for by your parents or other caregivers. You are looked after until you are strong enough to walk on your own, but by that point, you have already been exposed to so much influence. Your “identity” and individuality although might seem like it is your own, often stems from your surroundings growing up. Your environment molded you unless you have changed your environment somewhat often.

Although the environment plays a huge role, our minds play an even larger role. Once we become aware and “conscious”, we begin to take control of our thoughts. When we control our thoughts we begin to take control of our lives. We begin to understand our choices and more importantly, our emotions and influences around each choice.

For me personally, books and audiobooks have been a large impact on me and my life. Other people put things into our heads, but so can we. We can choose our superpowers by choosing what we want to learn about. Knowledge is power, and even more so, it is our potential energy. Through action and execution does it become more kinetic, yielding more results, yielding true physical results.

I tell people lately that if you want something think about it. Even if you do not know where to start, start by thinking about it. Call it a mental workout. You get into the habit of showing up to your dreams by thinking about them consistently no matter what. No matter the weather, the day, your mood, you think about what you want. This in my opinion, is how you start.

The next step is learning more about what you have been thinking about. Adopt a growth mindset by asking “how”, “how can I”, “where can I begin”. Use these questions to grow your knowledge about what you want. If you have enough knowledge, if you have the facts, you can argue with anyone trying to talk you out of bettering yourself. People doubt you when you can’t explain yourself so it helps to learn. Don’t get me wrong, if you can’t explain something to someone its okay, you just have to not let them convince you to give up. You can tell them that its a gut feeling or its faith. It doesn’t matter as long as you keep believing.

Everyone that started something was a normal person. Yes everyone has a strength, or a part of the brain that might have been more developed, but everything can be learned. You can work your brain like you work your body. You can develop the parts that need some strength. The easiest way to start is by thinking. Think about something that challenges the way you look at the world. Ask how, why, or what if! Open your thinking up and change your thought patterns. Grow yourself and watch yourself begin to grow!

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