Love Of Life

Life has many meanings. People believe that life has different purposes. Some might believe that life is a gift, and to appreciate it is to understand that it is temporary, or finite. Others may focus more on the soul, or Spirit. An infinite identity that does not consist of time or of human-like limitations. It is free and it is apart of everything, it is eternal. Life is best as though it seems, when it is filled with love. Love of life, love of all things, is what gives meaning to life. It gives life purpose without having to do anything other than to be grateful for its very existence.

Life is interpreted differently by many. As humans we tend to be what we believe in. We are actors in our life long narrative. We believe in a story and we act it out. Some of us remain the same while many of us change. Some of us change the title and some of us see the original story all the way through to the end. It is our choice how we live our lives for the better. Doing good by ourselves and by all people and things is how we add energy to the world. We power it through positive belief and with good deeds. When we all believe in something good, and when we all unite and work together, we are all one powerful energy.

When a human spirit loves life and all things, it gives life, and it gives good things back to the world. A happy spirit, or more importantly, a grateful spirit, gives good to the world that has given to it. Many in this world face great pain and in my opinion, it changes their spirit. Sometimes people lose their way and they create not what they truly want, but what they have come to know. It is through love and gratitude that we can show all people how to be positive, and how to give back positive energy to the world and to the universe. We can lead by example to help others in need of guidance.

I’ve had rainy days seem beautiful, and I have had sunny days seem dark. The one thing in common between the two was how I was interpreting my day or my reality. It was up to me. It was up to me to control my emotions, and to see the world as it is. Every day can be beautiful in some way even if it was for only a moment. Days and experiences that seem challenging or painful we can reframe and turn them into positive lessons. These lessons can lead us to gratitude and love. It can lead us to peace.

If you are reading this I hope that you find the good in all things, I hope that you find the love in all things good. Life, in my opinion, is about learning how to appreciate the simple and peaceful things such as mother nature. Sometimes I have had my best days just walking in the grass and just looking at how beautiful the sun is or how fresh the air is. I love being able to just feel the moment and to focus on everything that I am grateful for. The things, the people, the gratitude, the love.

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