I Don’t Have To Try And Explain It

It’s a feeling. It’s a belief! That is how all legacies begin. Entrepreneurs are risk takers. No matter how big or small, they take risks more than the average. That is just who they are, that is just how they are “wired”. Just know though, if you want to rewire your brain to become someone similar or to break free from your own limits you can. Don’t get me wrong, you can learn the mindset of an entrepreneur and learn how to take risks and follow your heart.

I’m making changes lately and although they feel a little scary I know I have to make them. Because they scare me is why I know I am making the right choice. I also know that when it comes to certain things if I begin to feel “tired” right before doing them, then it is time for a change. It is time to continue to grow so that I feel “energized” right before. What energizes you and excites you is what you are meant for.

I don’t have to try and explain it. The hardest part for anyone trying to become who they truly, and to do what they are truly meant for, is trying to get all of the voices from other people and their opinions out your head. The “concern” or “worry”. Sometimes people might be right and I or anyone else may have to learn the hard way. But maybe they don’t. Maybe they know something you don’t. Maybe they know themselves better. Technically a person should know themselves better than anyone else because we spend more time with us than anyone else ever could because it is our body, our mind, our heart that we live in.

You don’t have to explain it. Especially if you are someone that doesn’t have a history of completely destroying your own life. Some might, and maybe that one time is the time you really change, and that’s great. At the end of the day if we are headed towards things that are truly good, then we have nothing to worry about. As long as we aren’t going towards things that are bad then it is okay. We will figure it all out because we refuse to ever give up. If we don’t have an explanation yet that is okay. We don’t need to explain it all. We only have to believe in it and work towards it so that it can all unfold. In the end, everything will explain itself.

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