Love & Gratitude

Today I woke up and I felt really good. I am grateful for everything. Things have been changing for the better constantly and I am so excited. I feel so much love and gratitude within my life and with the things surrounding it, all things. I find more enjoyment in everything that I do and I am finding that everything I do now has a purpose.

Yesterday when I went out to lunch I found myself being more mindful of my food. I chewed slowly, I took small bites, I set my fork down. I was being more mindful of my food and what I was eating so that I appreciated it more. I showed it more gratitude as well love. I gave the moment my best and in return I got the best out of my moment.

I am using my imagination to envision everything I want and to bring it closer to my present. I find now that I have everything I need and I always have. I understand that it is within me and always have been. Everything is unfolding the way it is supposed to and I am at peace. Then again, I always was, I just needed to focus on it.

Today I know you will find your love and gratitude for all things. I know you will find your peace. I know because it is already inside of you and has always been there. It was always our choice whether or not we bury the love and gratitude we have for all things with what we choose to focus on. I understand that at any moment we can all choose to clean up our mind and our heart in order to uncover the love and gratitude that was there all along.

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