Law Of Attraction And My Personal Experience

Lately I have been more grateful for my life than I have ever been. A friend of mine, Rachel, showed me a law of attraction audiobook titled the Power by Rhonda Byrne. Listening to it everyday is changing my life. More importantly, it is changing who I believe that I am, and it is changing my relationship with the world around me, starting with the energy I release into the world, and the energy I receive in return.

Lately I have incorporated two key words into my daily life more than ever before. I use them as taught by the book, to bring everything good into my life that I could ever want. I use the words, love, and gratitude. With using them more and more I found that my life is literally what I say it is. What I speak, good or bad, is my life, and will be my life. Lately I change the way I speak about my life and every little thing in it. I also change the way I speak to myself, eliminating anything negative, keeping only the positive.

With these changes, I am finding myself being more positive like I used to be. I’m spreading more love and gratitude within my friendships and relationships and it is being returned to me. I am helping my friends and family by helping myself. For the first time in a long time, I am writing again, and it feels amazing! I feel amazing, and more importantly, in my life, I feel grateful and loved. I am still single, but I love myself and my life more than I ever have before!

Many of us are constantly searching for our purpose in life, our relationships, or faith, or religion. We are oftentimes searching for the life that is right in front of us. We are searching for the future versions of ourselves in order to bring them into the present, instead of trust that if we think and feel our future selves, that we will bring that into our present. In those moments, we will have shorted the time and gap between the life that we want, and the life that we have.

Everything including my own religion, and many other if not all religions, are beginning to make more sense to me than ever. I have stepped back and have changed my perspective on the world in order to create more clarity, and it is working. Everyday is feeling more and more like a miracle and a blessing. Everything I want and have are becoming more and more, one in the same. I know this post will help all of you in some way, the way the positive energy and frequency has helped me. I am grateful to share all of this with you and with the world. Live your life with love and gratitude in all things, and you will attract everything you will ever want and need. You will bring your “heaven”, to your “earth”!

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