Enjoying Life

Lately, I have been finding ways to focus on all of the little blessings life has to offer. I take pride in trying to be positive as well as trying to be patient. It is easy to worry and to let one thought roll into the next. We do it automatically. But what if we made life easier? What if we took the time to learn how to control the way that we think? Wouldn’t life be more enjoyable?

If you get into the habit of remaining positive you will find that your life as a whole, will feel more positive. When you condition yourself to respond differently than you are used to during times of change, you will find that over time you won’t even have to think about the way you respond to life’s challenges. You will automatically become more positive!

I encourage all of you that are struggling with the world around us to take a step back and to break down all of the positives. Look at every detail, every color, smell, or taste that makes up your present moment. Utilize all of your senses and rediscover everything that you were most likely taking for granted. When you have dinner tonight, be conscious of the flavors, chew slowly. When you light a candle, sit by a fire, or feel the breeze, be mindful. Be more present and become more connected with the world and with all of your blessings. I promise you that it will ground you, and it will help you to discover what you are meant to focus on. It will help bring you peace, and more importantly, it will help you in finding gratitude!

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