My Daily Habits

I wanted to write an even shorter form of a blog post. I was inspired recently about an email from the website I use that was talking about microblogging.

My habits change and vary but I do have a lot that usually remain pretty constant. Some of these I’m sure most of you can relate to, while others you might find interesting.

#1. Coffee: I almost always start my day with coffee and creamer. I usually have no more than two cups. I like to sip on it and just wake up and collect my thoughts and to sort of empty my mind. If I’m not visiting with my mother I guess you can say that I sometimes meditate.

#2. Music: I always listen to music especially being a DJ. Believe it or not, though, I listen to mainly dance music because that is my passion. As an open format bar DJ at an Irish style bar, I play very little EDM and Dance, unfortunately, unless it falls under the Pop category of say, the Billboard Charts. At the bar I play a lot of Pop, Hip Hop, Country, some Rock occasionally remixes, 90’s Pop, or older 80’s style Dance tracks. Usually, towards the end of the night, I’ll play some House Music/Dance or House/Dance remixes. Around 1 AM you will sometimes hear me playing Future Bass remixes of Hip Hop or Pop tracks because they usually match the tempo of modern Hip Hop tracks in the form of Trap music.

#3. Exercise: I love working out! I lift as well as incorporate cardio and sometimes I work on the Muay Thai bags in the back for cardio or just for fun. I try to self educate in various forms of striking and kicking for self-defense. Plus if you work hard enough you can usually break a sweat. The gym is a great escape and it is something that pushes me and it makes me feel more confident in my day to day life.

These are just some of my habits but are probably my most consistent and important ones. Mainly the second and third of course.

What are some of your positive daily habits? Feel free to comment and inspire others!

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