I Am Ready For Positive Change

So I decided to venture out and go to a local spot to grab a drink and try to clear my head. I have been wanting to experiment with changing locations while trying to accomplish some work in order to spark some creativity. I am also continuing to look for new opportunities regarding my ventures mainly because spring will be here soon. I know that there can potentially be different forms of work available for my business as long as I continue to keep an open mind.

I still DJ at the bar on Fridays and Saturdays. I plan on being there for a while but I’m also looking for a Thursday gig that may appeal more to my taste. I would like to get into something a little classy in order to be able to play more lounge-style EDM like Deep House or even just Dance in general. One thing I can feel is that EDM is slowly making its way out here. Even at the local bar, I was in earlier for lunch I could here a mixture between pop and dance music, even specifically house, playing in the background. That always gives me hope.

The man I am today versus the man I see myself being is still very different. I am continuing to try and bridge the gap in order to become who I believe I am destined to be. I am grateful for my opportunities but I need to act. I don’t want to become stagnant. I am better than that.

I am still battling my own self-discipline and fear from time to time. I can feel a big change coming because I have the accompanying feeling of being ready. I am so hungry for positive change that I’m just ready to leap and grow my wings on the way down.

I don’t know what will happen next but I still believe that my thoughts will dictate my reality. So I guess what I am saying is that I just lied to you. I do know what is coming. Maybe my details my not be perfectly accurate, but I will probably be within the realm of what I perceive. I know something new is coming again because I can just feel it. Even now being in this venue by choice, will create a shift. Why? Well, because it was something I didn’t do before. It is now a change. It is something different. I believe that is what creates a positive shift. It switches up the energy in the world around me. It says to the universe, “I am ready for what happens next, I am worthy of positive change.”

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