Listening To The Music That Moves Us

Right now I’m listening to Spotify, specifically to the dance/electronic playlist titled “mint”. This is one of my favorite playlists on Spotify because it has so much great dance music. I love listening to it for one, just pure enjoyment, but two, I love gaining new ideas for music for either DJ mixes or for just playing in general.

Music is something that can affect our mood so much. Taking the time to listen to the music we love can have a great positive change upon our day. As someone who is trying to learn more about music to try and make it myself, it is great having all of professionally produced songs at our fingertips through streaming services. I can remember back when I was younger listening to tapes, then CD’s, and eventually to iPods and Mp3’s! It was so exciting being able to download whatever you wanted and to stack so man tracks on one device to take with you wherever!

As someone that grew up and changed schools a couple of times, music helped me so much. On bus rides to school or just on game days when I played soccer or even the one year I tried football in the 7th grade, music was always with me. Whenever I was in uncomfortable positions music was there to keep me going. I loved that. Plus, as I still do today, back then I loved daydreaming and exploring my own thoughts and feelings. I was trying to discover not only “the” world, but “my” world. I wanted to know what I was supposed to do or what was supposed to make me happy.

Whether I am working out, DJ’ing on the weekends, or even blogging like I am right now, I usually always have music nearby. It is my fuel that keeps me going and keeps me excited about life. I can’t tell you how much it has helped with my workouts even over the past decade. When I began to transition into listening and incorporating more EDM or dance style tracks into my life, my workouts especially with cardio, improved tremendously! Everything in this world I am learning has energy within it, and that very same energy transfers. When I listen to dance music at the gym I am pumping so much energy into my brain through my ears that translates into increasing my heart rate and blood pressure. It is literally like caffeine to the ears. Understanding that is so powerful!

If you are someone that maybe is new to dance music or EDM I suggest giving it a shot. There are so many genres and subgenres that mimic regular music in many ways. Even if you are someone that grew up listening to disco music you can find EDM in the form of what is called “Nu-disco”. If you like hip hop and specifically trap, there are EDM forms similar in the genres like “Trap” or Future Bass. These are just some examples but I can promise you that there are enough genres and subgenres that you could literally get lost in! Plus there are always remixes of older songs that you would think you might not ever come across. Check some out and start experimenting. I don’t think you will regret it especially if you are someone that truly has a passion for music.

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