Going With The Flow

Resistance is something we all face when trying to achieve our goals. It is something that we always want to fight against because we think of it as a challenge. We want to rise to the occasion and to fight. In many cases that is important to do in order to build strength and endurance, but in other cases, it is exactly the thing not to do. Instead, rather, we need to allow ourselves to be moved and to go along with the tide.

When you look closely at life you begin to realize a lot that you might not have seen before. Perspective is everything, I understand that now. For example, say if I struggle at the task at hand, say trying to make music. I reach a lot of resistance and I’m not feeling like I get anywhere. I can choose to let that all hit me and lay there “wounded” by my failure, or I can choose to flow and to shift my attention. I can choose to focus on writing again because it is something I have been neglecting. Keeping the balance is sometimes the very thing we need.

Life will push us and shift us. Sometimes, it is trying to communicate with us. It is trying to test us to see how we will respond. It wants to know what brings out the best in us as well as the worst in us. It has to know because it wants to be able to count on us when it is our time to contribute. It cares for us. It loves us.

I don’t know where this life will lead but I do know that it is beautiful. Every day is beautiful if only our lense remains clear and uncovered. We can choose to always find the good in everything or at the very least, the lesson.

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