Cutting Out The BS And Getting Straight To The Point

Dating and relationships including friendships shouldn’t have to be that complicated. Communication should be easy and honesty should be natural and refreshing. One thing I have noticed with so many people, and it is something I cannot stand, is the lack of good communication. This especially, with dating, or trying to build different types of relationships in general, can be so frustrating. Life is short and I can’t stand wasting time at all. Unfortunely some people I’ve noticed in general seem to still struggle with the same poor habits and situations over and over again.

I come to the realization that so many people struggle in this world mentally on many different levels. There are so many games between men and women of all ages that it almost makes getting anything accomplished impossible. Funny because I have noticed a pattern just in my everyday life. Certain types of people attract and respond to others while other types repel each other.

This is a blessing and a curse for both sides. For one, if you are like me, you probably naturally push away toxic people and or people who waste your time. It as almost as if you don’t even have to do anything, they sense your energy, and see themselves to the door. For others, it might be the latter. You might have many relationships and interactions with very toxic people that seem to constantly wast your time and energy.

Life and dating should be a little more straight forward. Life is short and there are so many more important things to worry about. Another reason why I am single. One thing I look forward to in the future is being able to attract more like-minded people, especially women, into my life. Me writing this alone should shift the energy around me that I put out into this world. I hope that something positive comes back to me in return. Until then I’ll just continue to observe and learn.

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