Body Language, The Dating Signs We All Probably Miss

So we all know how dating can be right. I mean although dating websites are more acceptable today and are apart of our culture, “structured dating” still seems like it kind of puts certain people in a particular social box.

So there are things people say but there is so much more people are probably trying to tell you. I mean haven’t you ever said something in your head while looking at someone, and you see them look back at you as if they heard you? Yeah, kind of freaky right? Chances are they heard you loud and clear but what they were hearing wasn’t your voice, in fact it was your body language.

If more people said what they were “literally” thinking and feeling the world in a lot of ways would be a better place. Now of course if everyone voiced every negative thought or opinion then it wouldn’t in a lot of ways, be pleasant at all. However, even when people are trying to be “subtle”, often times we hear them and their opinion of us loud and clear!

So how does this apply to dating? Well, it actually applies in many ways. Reading body language is crucial in modern dating because quite frankly, people are very subtle especially women, at least in certain situations. Women don’t seem to become outspoken until they actually get to know you, rightfully so, and usually that window can sometimes close quickly. In today’s busy culture so many people make time for the wrong people and things, and always seem to be too busy for the “right” people and opportunities.

One thing I can’t stand as a guy, and I’m sure some of you women out there feel the same about other women, is that we hate it when we see things that others don’t. We can’t stand when we know people are “full of it” but yet the person they are talking to is either hanging on every word, or clearly blind to the person’s “exaggerated” amount of confidence.

We have all been there, I’ll see an attractive woman talking to a guy, the guy based on his body language, is probably acting a certain way, even if it is a lie, and the woman seems so impressed. Women, you probably have seen a guy that you thought was attractive talking to a woman that, in his eyes seemed genuine, and in your eyes, was a total fake. It is annoying but it does happen and there isn’t a lot we can do about it. All we can do is be the example itself.

The point that I am alluding to is that there is so much miscommunication going on around us constantly. Over and over again we see the wrong people linking up with the wrong people. It is just apart of life. We almost get pressured or forced into playing the “game” where each person puts on a facade for the other person in order to create a certain outcome, and in the end in most cases, things probably don’t end up working out the way that we would hope anyway.

I wish people could be more straight forward or that the majority wasn’t so, I guess caught up in some of the newer culture. I wish everyone was more of an older soul or could see the world more deeply. I always wonder if I moved if that would change anything. I feel like it would, and it wouldn’t at the same time depending on where I would go. Dating is hard these days and even when you are confident and know what you want, finding it or finding dates within your preference is challenging. This world is messy place at times.

Anymore I try and be straight up with people. I tell people the truth, I ask them some deep questions, then I move on. As much as this world can get lonely I know deep down who I am and most certainly know my worth. It is ingrained in me because of how and who I was raised by. I wonder if in the near future I will meet more like minded women who are just warm and easy to get to know. I love meeting women who I feel understand my life and how I am trying to take my time figuring it out and not settling. I love women that seem like they only mainly care about how you treat them and about the time you have for them. It is like they just trust that everything else will work it’s way out in the end and for a man, that is so refreshing and so comforting.

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