Five Things I’m Grateful For

Lately some random people have inspired me to take on a new perspective regarding positivity. These people, whether they realize it or not, influence and inspire me for the better. So let’s get into some things that I sometimes take for granted but am truly grateful for!

#1. My Family

I cannot stress this enough because it is one hundred percent true! I love my family especially my mother and stepfather. They are genuine, warm, loving people that I am truly grateful to know. I enjoy moments with them every day while I am living at home and to me they are priceless! Aside from my parents I enjoy spending time with my brother because we are a lot alike. As far as my sisters, I’m not as close with them, but then again we all have our own separate lives.

#2. My Friends

I am lucky to have some really good close friends! One of my best friends lives down the street from me and he is the only one of my friends that is really close by, which is nice. It reminds me of having my first group of best friends as a kid that came to my doorstep to welcome me to the neighborhood. Those memories will always be there. Some of my other best friends don’t live as close and are busy buying their first homes, and building their family’s.

#3. Music And DJ’ing

Although I am not even close to where I want to be, I also am aware that I am very blessed! As a new DJ I have come a long way rather quickly thanks to help from some friends that are also DJ’s. I’m so grateful for electronic/dance music because it truly makes me so happy. Although I don’t get to incorporate it as much as I’d like to at my current residency, I am truly grateful for it! It keeps me happy, and it keeps my inspired. It keeps me going!

#4. The Gym

Although lately my workouts and dieting have been inconsistent, I am still grateful for the gym. To be honest I weigh more now than I ever have and losing weight again has been a struggle for me. Combine that with poor eating and drinking and well, you could say I have fallen into a rut. Regardless, I still manage to make time for the gym almost every day and it still is my biggest stress reliever! I know I well get back in shape and I will get back on track again. It just will take time and some grit!

#5. I Am Grateful For God And My Faith

Lord knows I am no saint, that is for sure! I am more imperfect than ever but I have also faced my greatest challenges within the past couple of years. Although I make mistakes and at times have my fair share of doubts, I still believe! I still have faith in something much greater than myself and it reminds me that we can still do good while we are here on Earth. We can judge less after every sin, and allow it to make us humble and empathetic. We can listen to others and their pain in order to forget and relieve our own. We can still set a positive example even after all of the bad ones.

Life is short, but it can be great! You can be happy simply be trimming down the excess things in your busy modern lives. Sometimes we just have to take a step back and make time to remember the little things. Most of us are probably very wealthy in a lot of areas. We just have to begin to use different metrics in order to see the truth. I mean, when we don’t measure life by the amount of money we have, don’t we all have a lot going for us?

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