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Buffing My Subaru STI

So yesterday evening my neighbor offered to help me buff my car. I recently got my car back from a body shop from having it fixed and it looked rough. There were swirl marks on my roof and on my left rear door where they were trying to blend the paint with the replaced rear bumper.

It wasn’t a big deal, I figured it could be corrected reasonably and sure enough it was. Me and my neighbor tag teamed my car in his garage using a buffer with a light cutting pad and a really good cutting compound. The results were wonderful! I felt like my paint looked better than brand new and my clear coat was clean. There was no more “haze” from oxidation from weathering. My car is not garaged kept and I have had it for two years. This morning, you would have thought that it has been in a garage this whole time!

Aside from music/DJ’ing, and video games lately(Halo 5 Guardians), I love cars! I was never mechanically inclined but my father was. My stepdad wasn’t as much and he is who I grew up with. Despite that however, I still have a deep interest and continue to pursue knowledge on my own regarding cars in general. I was blessed when I found out my neighbor was into cars and detailing as much as I was! He has learned so much and has taught me a lot. It’s amazing what you can learn and what that knowledge can accomplish! I have such a peace of mind now using a buffer and a compound versus before. It kind of feels like getting over the fear of DJ’ing for the first time. I feel not only knowledgeable, but empowered!

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