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Writing It All Down, Living It All Up!

So many memories are being made today. The weather is beautiful, the air is cool and crisp! The music is good and today just feels good. Do you ever wonder why that is though? Do you ever wonder why on some days it feels so good?

Today I am making memories, and whether we realize it or not, every day we are making memories. Good or bad, we are doing things in our lifetime that might not ever be done again. Today is the last day that you will live this specific “day”. I know it easy to forget but this moment will only happen once!

I like this idea because it gives me comfort. For some of you it might seem uncomfortable to think about time, but it is all in your perspective. What I am saying is that if we are more conscious of time and of every moment then we can appreciate everything more. We can also change what we are doing including our habits in order to get the lives we want, in order to see what we already have that much more!

Writing this blog is nice because it creates memories. I like it because I get to connect with all of you in a different way. I get to show you more of who I am on a personal level and if anything, inspire you! I want people to understand that this life is in fact “ours”, and we can make it whatever we want it to be!

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