Letting Go And Taking A Moment To Process What You Are Feeling

Something I have learned through my own struggles and challenges is that we have to take time to recover. We get easily caught up in our goals or our personal struggles, to the point that it becomes easy to get into a rut. Emotionally we can fall victim to self-doubt, or excessive worry with unnecessary stress. Depite all of that, we can overcome all of this by taking some time to just let out what we are holding in. I actually did that outside this evening by praying/talking out loud. Let me explain.

One way I work through my own problems, and to resolve issues, is by talking out loud. By talking out loud, I am “thinking out loud”. I usually do this alone outside in a comfortable place. I’ll take time just to talk to myself, or to talk to God/pray, in order to get my feelings out. When I physically speak my mind, it helps to trick my mind into thinking that I am “literally” resolving my issues. It creates peace. I sometimes do this with things that are on my mind from my past. I even sometimes have imaginary conversations with people no longer in my life in order to trick my brain into thinking that something is resolved, that actually isn’t, or will never be. Believe it or not, for me, it really works!

Now mind you, I am not crazy, believe it or not. I am fully aware of what I am doing, and although I am speaking out loud, or talking to myself, there are no “external” or “internal” voices present. I am not schizophrenic by any means, nor am I judging anyone that is. I do believe though, that talking to ourselves, or talking through our own issues, can help us resolve them. Just like we tell our friends or family members what is on our minds, we can also tell ourselves. I think that this really brings our thoughts and emotions to life, which helps us understand them more, and it helps us understand why we are having those feelings and emotions in the first place.

I am excited about my life, but at the same time as a young man, I still am very hard on myself. I beat myself up a lot about working out or eating well. I beat myself up a lot about my financial success, or even my “status”. I procrastinate with DJ’ing/music or get in my own head when I’m working (DJ’ing). I guess these things are normal and a part of life or growing, but I just wanted to express all of this. The best way to make authentic content and to connect with others is to be vulnerable and open! It is about showing everyone that we are in fact, human! I hope that if any of you are reaing this and maybe going trhough something similar, that this helps. I hope that it can give you some peace of mind for the present and future.

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