Update On My Life And Trying To Make More Blog Content

Hey everyone! I have been lacking on my blog lately because my focus has been not only on DJ’ing, but on relaxing and enjoying life to the fullest. Lately I have been playing video games again here and there. I always go through phases. There have been times where I would go a complete year or more without even playing any game at all. Now lately, I have been playing Halo 5 Guardians online again because I have just missed it. I grew up with Halo as a kid and fell in love with the story. As I have gotten older I am still a kid at heart.

Whether it is video games, blogging like I am right now, reading, watching movies which I love, or whatever, these things can be very important. They are apart of our lives and what makes us happy! That is really important, or at least it should be! I feel like so many people have lost sight on truly doing what they love, and sacrificing for it. It seems as if we sacrifice what we love for all of the things that we don’t. I don’t know.

One thing I will tell you and vent about is the fact that I am sick of people “worrying” about me. Whether it is family, friends, or strangers, I am so sick of people “worrying” about me because I am not doing what they “think” I should be doing with my life. Everyone is so sucked into the 9-5 grind/school mindset and it makes me sick. If that is what you choose than fine, but for God sakes, don’t put your problems or beliefs on me. I’m happy, and most of all, I’m trying! I’m trying very hard in fact!

Everyone has been so conditioned to move out at 18 or forced to, not their fault of course. So many people have been conditioned to go to college, or get a career, or both! Although more people are staying home longer to figure their lives out, and to set themselves up for success, “hello me here”, a lot of people still “judge” against it. I’m so sick of people that worry about everyone else. It’s like worry about yourself and how happy you are. Maybe if you were actually happy you wouldn’t me so, micro-focused, on my life and how I’m living it!

Everyone is so “get a job” and move out, be independent. But what if your parents actually supported you? I know, holy shit! Yeah, I know bit of a stretch right, your parents either hate you, or they tolerate you right? Wrong! Guess what, a lot of parents care about their children which is why they support them and let them grow at their own pace within reason. That is what is happening to me right now. That is what I’m doing, living at home, taking my time, and figuring it out! It’s not like I didn’t go to college for 7-8 years right out of high school, collecting debt, and trying to figure it out, “while working!” I have an associates degree and “was” going for bachelors. But guess what, I failed! I failed stats twice, I hated it, and I was burned out! So guess what, I stopped going to school after changing majors, and I got” lost” for a year! Then, I became a freaking DJ!

This angst isn’t pointed at you, I have been on edge lately. Mainly its because I feel like the people I should be closest to, still don’t have my back. I feel that the people that should, are the one’s that try to tempt me and stray me off of my path. They try and make give in because “they” had to. Well, guess what, I’ve come too far, and I’m becoming too strong!

I’m going to continue on my journey, wherever it leads me. I’m going to stick some things out. I’m going to fight to break the status quo, and I’m going to roll with it all as long as I’m still breathing. Life is short, and I’m on a mission. I have a gut feeling, I have a guiding light, a guiding inner voice, and I’m following it. I know I’m going to succeed, I know I’m going to thrive because I know “me”! I know who “I” am! Nothing is ever going to change that. Nothing will ever slow me down. I want the life I deserve, too badly, and I’m going to get it!

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