Things Are Looking Up

So things are beginning to unfold. Everything is moving and shifting and I am grateful for all of the positive changes! One thing that I have been struggling to do is to take more action to prevent myself from getting stagnant. I am happy to say that the problem itself, is now becoming a thing of the past!

My goal for one was to get things sold. I have some buyers lined up so I am hoping that everything goes through. If the items I have for sale get moved then I will have enough money to get back into the stock market. I have been wanting to get back into it but have not had the capital since I got out of it over a year ago!

I have a lot to learn of course but I am excited about that, not worried. I hate when so many people fear everything that they simply do not know or understand. I get it, but at the same time I don’t want people to either cripple themselves with fear, or worse, attempt to instill that same fear into me.

Aside from that things have been picking up for DJ’ing. I have some future oppourtunites and am going to just do my best to grind and save. I want to push myself and to try and get more creative with everything in general which is why I am writing this post right now. I haven’t blogged in a while and I really wanted to touch base on some things. I wanted to produce some new content for all of you and to continue this journey of my life!

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