Staying Single And Staying Strong

Okay so it has been a while since I have talked about dating or being single. Again, I have said it before, my blogging has changed. If you ever wonder why my blog url link is my name, there is a reason for it.

When researching ideas for how to name my blog/website, I remember coming across something that stood out. One article said use your name if you expect your content to change. Mind you I am not quoting it directly, but you get the idea. If my blog is titled in my name or at least the URL link is, then the blog is about me no matter what changes. It is about my journey!

My blog I knew would change and grow along with me. I knew that I had to make it so that it could adapt, and that my followers were following me, not just my blog. As many of you can see, especially those that have followed me since day one, how much this blog and me have changed.

Some things change, but also some things stay the same. For example as you can see by the title, I’m talking about the single life in this post. Why, well for one I am still single myself, and two I know a lot of you are also still single as well.

Being single is something I think is not only challenging at times, but also a true test of someone’s character and goals in life. For me I know that if I settle I will regret it. I know that if I jump into something or go against my boundaries or filters, as far as a girlfriend, then I will regret it.

Right now being single I am focusing on building myself and my dreams up as big as I can. For those of you that have seen my Mixcloud and have listened to some of my DJ mixes, then you know what I mean.

I scroll through social media daily and I see people going from single to being in a relationship. I can’t help but feel sometimes that I’m constantly missing the boat and that time just keeps slipping away. I feel like a fly on the wall just watching without being seen.

Aside from that outlook or perspective of the situation I also have another more positive outlook. I know that being single allows me to be selfish and work on my goals and my dreams. It allows me to take my time getting my sh*t together. I don’t have to rush and at the same time, if I do attract someone, they will like me for me no matter my circumstances. That in itself is so reassuring. It’s comforting.

I hope I set an example for other single’s out there and for people in general. It can be hard staying the course and staying true to who you are. I think it makes us strong and it helps us to appreciate the things we want most in life that much more. I feel a shift in the air lately. I feel like a lot of my prayers are going to be answer and that a new chapter is about to start. I hope a lot of you feel that way as well.

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