Continuing My Journey

It has been over a year since I created this blog. A lot has changed since then. I have not only grown a lot but I have learned so much. Sometimes I forget to pat myself on the back for the things I have done, versus cracking the whip on myself in order to keep moving faster, in order to keep working harder!

You never know when you might catch a break. I’ve heard people say that success doesn’t happen over night, even though your first big break might appear one day when you wake up. What that means is that you have to work very hard and you have to try and be as consistent as you can. You have to teach yourself as much as you can and you have to try and grow every day. If you work hard enough, if you work smart enough, and if you are brave enough to ask for help at the right time, maybe just maybe, you will land a big opportunity.

When it comes to forging your dreams into reality, a good network is a must. For one not only do you need to surround yourself with like minded people and with positive energy, but you also need to surround yourself with people going where you want to go. Some people might say they want the same thing, but a lot of us are very different deep down. More often then not your path is very specific to you and you have to stay true to it no matter what.

Although I am excited, day in and day out I am also very anxious. I get nervous because of the choices I’ve made and because of the situations I have placed myself in. Again this is the path I’ve chosen, so for now I’m just trying to ride it out. I don’t do things like many others and I can’t help but find comfort in that even though I am usually uncomfortable. I guess that is also what is helping me grow.

I hope that if you are reading this, much like myself, that you are someone who believes. I hope that you never give up on the things you want. If you are like me, then you probably already know that giving up most likely won’t be an option. It just isn’t in our nature. We’ve waited for opportunities like this and now that we are working on them we couldn’t possibly undo what we have created for ourselves. Then again, why would we ever want to?

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