Tropical House Mix

So lately I have been making more and more mixes on Mixcloud just to have something to offer. I want to have mixes for venues as well as other DJ’s to hear. The most recent mix I made was a Tropical House Mix.

With there still being some summer left I wanted to get a Tropical Mix out because I feel like it is such a good sub-genre. Tropical house especially if you are an Ohio resident, to me just makes you feel good. Here where the seasons change and summer seems to fade rather quickly, it’s nice to try and make the most of the moment. When I remember listening to Tropical House in college I remember daydreaming about being in a beautiful place.

Tropical House makes me think of an exotic place where there is plenty of sun, beach, and of course maybe, just maybe, some beautiful women. Okay there has to be some beautiful women, it’s a guy’s daydream. Am I right?

I picture beautiful “everything” and it makes me just forget about anything else. That is why I love House Music in general. It makes me forget about the world and I get lost in some “imaginary” world where literally anything feels possible!

I think that you will enjoy this mix even if you are just sitting in the back yard or by a pool somewhere, or even driving. It starts out slow but then quickly builds. You can hear the tempo switch and a little bit of empty space at one point. I should have used a transition edit, but then again a little space every now and then I feel can sometimes add to the music itself. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it.

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