Learning What You Can Because You Can

Growing up learning was fun and something I enjoyed as a kid. I was curious and instinctively I wanted to know more much like many other kids. It was my nature! As a kid just like many others I also dreaded learning certain types of things or hated learning things in a certain way. The things I hated tended to be things I either wasn’t good at, or had very little interest in. This was also the case with college. I can’t help but feel like when I was a kid I just wanted to learn what I wanted to learn. Can you relate? If so, keep reading.

Life as we know it when we become adults can get very “busy”. We wake up one day and we aren’t a child anymore. We work, work some more, pay bills and try and gain more and more independence each day. It is our culture. Our society and structure is based around us thriving on our own while working with others. Although we are busy we still have time if we manage it to do other things and most importantly to learn other things. Can you guess where I’m going with this?

What if when you were a kid you could learn only what you wanted to learn? What if you could focus on the things that suited your needs or your strengths. What if you could filter out all of the boring and mundane things in order to learn something that you could use to change your life for the better. Well, what if I told you that maybe then you couldn’t, but now you can.

You might not have the freedom you did when you were a kid as far as work and finances, but you do have the freedom as an adult, to focus on what you “want”! Isn’t it ironic that the life of a child and and learning, and the life of an adult and freedom is almost inverse of each other? What I mean is, now you have more freedom and more autonomy, but you might not be learning as much. When you were a kid you had a lot of learning, but not as much autonomy. What if now, you combined both your childhood and adult self in order to combine learning with freedom!

The best thing about college for those that have tried it is that you get more autonomy. You make your schedule based on available classes and time slots. Within reason, you pick and choose what is best for you. That is a taste of freedom but it isn’t complete freedom. You still have your limits. But what if you could learn what you wanted when you wanted? What if the answer is right in front of your face?

Sorry if this is too simple, but the answer is self education. What do I mean by that? What I mean is with technology and resources we can self educate and learn what we want and how we want in order to further our success and happiness in this world. In this life we have a choice! If you take your childhood imagination and combine it with your adult mindset and skill set you can achieve anything. You have everything that you need.

Sure some of you will work more than others. Some of you might think that you can’t get passed a 60-80 hour work week unless you fall off of the hamster wheel. But the truth is, you can. It may be hard, it may be risky, but it most certainly is possible.

When we prioritize things we find a will and way to accomplish them. I believe the term for some would be “come hell or high water”. If you apply the same mindset to changing your life and doing things differently, you can live the life you want with what and who you want. You can make the time to self educate on the things you are truly passionate about, and you can apply that knowledge to your future success.

Think about college again. For those of you that have never attended try and get a picture with me. Not all, but a lot of colleges and programs teach you a broad and general form of education. The education is so general in fact that you can teach it to yourself. Think of how many courses involve reading and memorization, concepts and theorys that you can learn on our own and apply to your life. Even courses where you are “measured” say with mathematics or sciences, you can learn from home if you truly have the desire.

Now will you earn a degree from home, no not without applying for a formal education online. But, your knowledge just might help you build something of your own to where to don’t need a degree. If you start your own business even if it is small, you can hire yourself because you are your own boss.

Even if you don’t want to create your own company you can learn skills that will give you loop holes in life. There are jobs and ways to make money where if you self educate enough, someone somewhere just might find you qualified if not more so than someone with a degree. If you cary yourself well and create a resume of your work a company just might make room for you and might make you the exception.

What I’m trying to say here is that learning yourself for yourself is very powerful. It can liberate you. You can teach yourself a lot and with that you can become successful. No matter what some way some how more knowledge will always be beneficial to you especially if you are choosing to specialize in something. Even if you do go to school self education can give you an edge on some of the things a university would be teaching you. I finally understand the term “knowledge is power”. As a child I never could fully appreciate that saying much less apply it. Now however, I think I am beginning to see the world through and entirely different lens. The best part about that is, I know I had a part in acquiring that lens through the things that I have taught myself. We are capable of great things. Never forget that. I hope you find a way to apply this for the better. I hope you learn something new, I hope you “learned” something new!

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