Broadening​ Your Perspective

If you wish to change who you are for the better you should probably start by changing the way you see this world. Something I have learned is that this world is not necessarily what exists, but rather a place that we perceive to exist. This world, as well as our own personal space, is based on our understanding of what we see. For example, if we want to change for the better we first have to see that there is another perspective other than the one we are currently utilizing. Let me explain.

Life is not what it seems. We must read between the lines. For example, take white light. White light appears to be invisible. At the surface, it almost doesn’t exist right? It appears “clear”. But what happens when you separate that light with say a prism or with water such as with a rainbow. The white light separates into a multitude of colors. Those colors co-exist together so seamlessly that they become invisible most of the time to the naked eye. Interesting right?

Our lives and our perceptions are like that white light. If we choose to only accept things the way that they are we struggle to see the truth. We will never learn more or grow beyond our current “selves” or circumstances if we do not acquire the tools, to see the world differently. The first step into being able to “see” is asking yourself how you can see differently.

Take a political view for example, mind you I can’t stand politics, and you observe it. If you observe it from one side, one perspective, you will most likely never be able to see the other side. However, if you step back and look at it from the other side, or a different perspective “objectively”, you may just be able to see what someone else might see. Even if you don’t agree with it you at least will now understand why someone thinks the way that they think or feels the way that they feel. Isn’t that powerful? That is called understanding, some might call it empathy.

If I want to change I must first ask myself whether or not I want to. If I want to I must then ask myself what I wish to change. After that, I have to ask myself why. Following that question, I need to ask myself “what” can I change. In doing that I can then begin to look at what I wish to change through another “lens”. Remember though, if I cannot admit or ask myself if there is another side to something, then I will only see the world as I currently do. If I wish to change I must first admit to the fact that there is always another way or another way of looking at the world. I have to admit that the otherside or perspective exists.

If you wish to change yourself or you wish to change the world, you must first start by being able to see “change” itself. If you cannot see the change or envision it, then “it” to you and potentially to others, will never exist. If you can, however, see change and envision something better, something greater, then perhaps you can begin to channel your energy into bringing what you see to life. We all have the ability to grow and to change for the better. We can only begin to do that by first stopping what we are doing, and begin thinking about what we “could” be doing.

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