Following Dance Music

Dance music and electronic music has guided me along my journey. Since the first years of college close to a decade ago, electronic music has influenced my life. The way I look at everything is a lot different than it used to be. I see and believe in everything more than I ever have before.

Music is fuel for the soul no doubt. I’m sure many of you can relate. There is something about music that can make you believe in something greater than your present reality. I like to use it to induce daydreams of what I want my future to be. I call it envisioning my “super hero” self.

Dance music, electronic music, or electronic dance music (EDM) is a genre that is not new. It has been around for a long time but has evolved and changed a lot. The internet has definitely made music in general more accessible and it has allowed music to flow from coast to coast.

Nowadays if you are someone like me, you can sample music from everywhere. It doesn’t matter where it originated from, chances are you can get your hands on it unless it is something very exclusive or is limited to a particular country.

I found dance music through school and friendships from school. I found it through YouTube, SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify, you name it. As the years went on I found myself paying more attention to it. I found myself learning the genres and sub-genres. I began to identify artists and their “styles” simply by developing my “ear” for dance music.

Dance music has give me something to work towards. I recently created a Mixcloud for House Music and Dance Pop mixes. I most likely will deviate from those two constraints eventually but I’m trying to market myself within a specific “niche” or genre of dance music. Below is the link if you haven’t found it on my site yet. Check it out for yourself!

The music itself is what has been guiding me. It has taught me many new things and has given me hope. It is enjoyable even as a hobby at times to try and work and get better. Learning new technology or how to integrate everything together is exciting. It makes you feel that much closer to the things that you have envisioned. I believe one day I will go further with it. I just have to be patient and to stay the course. Then again, it all is already happening. Looking back I’ve already come so far.

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