Tuesday To-Dos

So the week started yesterday and most likely with a lot going on. You want to stay positive, you want to stay productive. You know that if you take a step back, you can regroup and organize your week and your day to facilitate your needs.

#1 Letting Go Of Everything That Is Out Of Your Control

Life will throw so many things at you at once but that doesn’t mean that things are always what they seem. Many times we overanalyze the small details in everything to the point that we forget that there is one big picture. Minimize your thinking by grouping the most important things together and separating them from the other, lesser important tasks. For example, paying a bill, or picking up your child is more important than say, cleaning up the one room you have been wanting to for a week. The room is important, yes, but the bill and your child are more important. Don’t think, just do.

#2 Before You Know It You Will Get Through Your Mundane Tasks At Work Or Home

Whether its homework, yard work, “work work” or any other potential mundane task that you need to do, but don’t want to, eventually, you will get things done! It can all seem overwhelming but if you take what I like to call, “a man’s approach”, and focus on “one” thing at a time, you will get done everything, or at least most of the things on your list. Again, break things up if you can. Even if you can cram ten chores in one day, if you do one big one or a few small ones, you will feel better.

# 3 Lunch With Friends Or Family At A Favorite Spot

Lets call it “group therapy”! I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling overwhelmed, it always helps when I get together with the guys and go grab some food on a patio somewhere to just catch up and even vent. Often times your friends are stressed about something too and maybe they can even provide a solution that is better than you thought. Plus, getting together and doing any group activity will make you feel better from the inside out. The load won’t feel like “it’s all on you!”

# 4 Get Some Space If You Need It

Whether your kids are screaming and crawling all over you, or work and school are just driving you crazy, sometimes your best bet is a little isolation. Even if its the bathroom at work or a secret spot to go eat lunch, isolation can sometimes help you relax. Sometimes the more empty and big a room is, the more space there is for it to draw out of you as much “over-stimulation”, as possible. Its like transferring a lot of water from a small cup to a bigger one. The water doesn’t seem so deep then does it?

# 5 Remember That In Life Things Come To Pass

This week will pass, this day will pass, this moment will pass. Remember that time will continue to move forward no matter how painful the moment feels. You can get through anything if you just keep fighting and take a deep breath. Sometimes less is more and you just need to stop forcing something and let things play out. Often times it is our own imaganination that creates a bigger problem than the one that “actually” exists!

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