When Some Things Just Never Take Off

Some planes seem like they tend to line up but never take off. Do you ever get the feeling that with some people things just never get rolling? Like there is always some small flame but it just keeps going out no matter what you try and do?

I have plenty to learn at my age but over the years I would say that I have learned a lot. Some of the things that have taken me back the most are the things that I’ve learned in regards to women and dating.

Now I have had my share of good memories but I’d be lying if the bad ones weren’t the ones that appeared to stand out the most. Its those moments where you are kicking youreslf because you just didn’t trust your gut. You know those small moments of weakness where you enterain something or someone that you know probably isn’t going to go anwhere, but you still do it anways.

Whether it is with your favorite crush or the ex that you just seem to keep running into, things probably seem like they never go anywhere. Things never take off, they never move, or worse they just go back and forth until you end up right where you started. The only thing you find moving in those moments, is time and you know how precious it is, but apparently, “they” don’t.

So you just keep spinning those wheels until the rubber burns all the way up and as the smoke settles, you stand there going “there has to be something better out there than this!”

The truth of the matter is that there “is” something better out there! There are people that appreciate time itself and that are healthy enough to sustain and build something real with you! At the very least there are great communicators out there that love keeping everything short and sweet and let you know exactly what you are getting into, and they actually take action. Those people are confident and strong and know how to respect other people.

For those that waste your time they have their own problems. Just stop opening the door over and over again and move on. By the time you move on and close the door thats when they will pop back up and be like “hey!”

Yeah, most likely thats going to happen and I’m probably going to freak out. Hopefully you will have better luck than me!

Good luck! No seriously though, you are going to need it. (Deep Breath Mike Deep……Breath!) Hope you can appreciate my sarcasm.

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