There Is A Purpose Underneath Your Current Place In Life

Questioning life and what you are doing in it is never going to go away completely. That’s just a fact. You are always going to have something to worry about or you will always have some need to move forward, for that is our human nature.

Life is indeed short, we know that from others that existed before us. We know of love ones who have passed and we know of those who are on their way out as we speak. We try and learn from their dreams, their wishes, and their worries, but we can’t seem to grow beyond the age of our mind.

Being or feeling “idle” to the modern human is almost overwhelming. We cannot seem to sit still for if we do we fear that we are “wasting” precious time. We know of our past already and of the things we did and didn’t do. We know now what we couldn’t “then”, and it seems to haunt us. We cannot comprehend how we could have been so immature, so small minded.

The fact is that we can never know truly what our older or wiser “selves” will one day know. Sure we can learn from others, read and study some of the greatest philosophers, but at the end of the day, we still have our own mental limits. Even with that being said, however, we do not have to give in to the pressure that we place upon ourselves. We can choose to be “patient”.

Whatever your current place in life is, I bet there is a part of you that is at peace, and a part of you that is not. A part of you wants to remain still and look at the world through a rose-colored lens, while the other part wants to move forward as quickly as possible. If anything it is probably the “you” that is aware and in control of your life and that has to decide how to balance the two.

I believe that with anything there needs to be “balance”. I believe that we all must find a way to remain still, while also moving. It is our nature to grow and progress, but our duty to always remain at peace. This life is a gift, no doubt, and we must respect it as such. For it is the mere fact that we are still breathing that some of the greatest of miracles in this world have already been bestowed upon us. We must honor the fact that against all odds, we are still here!

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