So Why House Music? What Makes It So Special?

House music has changed my life a lot! It is something that is so important to me today that I cannot picture my life without it. House music, a form of Electronic Dance Music (EDM), or better known as just “Dance Music”, has been around for a while. Although it isn’t something brand new it does hold a special place in my heart and in my culture.

House music is something that speaks to me in a different way than any other kind of music. I grew up listening to mainly country very young, then hip hop as an adolescent. Hip Hop was my main source of music and musical influence aside from my stepfather and my parent’s interest in country. My mother’s specific interest in Pop and R&B as well, influenced me even more.

Growing up a lot of pop culture influence was either from my sisters and their boyfriends or my siblings and their friends, including my brother, in general. When I think back I grew up with a lot of late 90’s and early 00’s Pop and Hip Hop since I was born in 1991. This was apart of who I was and it also influenced the way I dressed. For example, as a kid aside from athletic brands such as Nike, Addidas, Jordan, etc., I also wore FUBU, Sean John, Ecko, Rocawear including other more urban brands.

As I grew up and grew older I changed schools and I changed cultures in a sense. When I began college I got into electronic music mainly dubstep. As I got more into electronic music over the years I became influenced by a local House Music producer and open format DJ out of Cleveland, known as MIMO. The more I began listening to House music the more I found myself being who I was. I felt myself listening to music that had different content then the Hip Hop I grew up with.

I began resonating with House music and Dance Pop because a lot of it was more vulnerable. It was a softer kind of music. A lot of House music I began listening to was more so about love and being open with your true feelings. I heard male vocalists talking about love and breakups or pain, and having those words being backed by a powerful kickdrum baning at 120-128 BPM. The music was powerful, the music was fast, it felt real!

One of the hardest things a man can do is sometimes blast music that isn’t “male” related. What do I mean by that exactly? I mean being vulnerable or sensitive. When I was young I felt the need to listen to male artists or pop songs that were more of what a “guy” or man would listen to. As I got older though and became more confident I found myself listening to all kinds of music. Eventually I started blasting it in my car which is a lot harder to do then it sounds!

The thing I love about dance music the more it creeps into the Cleveland and Northeast Ohio area is that it bridges the gap between love and sensitivity, along with power and strength. Dance music makes it cool to be real. It makes it cool to listen to female vocalists pooring their hearts out and seeing it as a strength versus a man’s “weakness”. Nowadays you can be a straight male out of the suburbs of Cleveland blasting dance music and its “cool” now. It’s “cool” to be sensative, its “cool” to be real, to be open. Thats what I love about House music and dance musci in general. Thats what got me into DJ’ing. Thats what got me back into being “me”!

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