Love And Dance Music

Yes my two favorite things combined, love and dance music! But why? Well heres the thing, they are both special. Love and dance music go hand in hand. If you ever meet someone who shares your same passion for dance music then you already know what I’m talking about.

Dance music is powerful! It is beautiful with all of its sounds and melodies. Dance music is strong. There is a lot of power behind it and in my opionion a lot strenght in the from of love, as well just overall honesty. Dance music is straight forward and confident. It doesn’t have to overcompensate with ego or act like its “hard”.

Now mind you I’m not here knocking other genres. I love all kinds of music including Hip-Hop and Trap which can sometimes be a little hard or a little tough. That has itself has its own purpose and the things people have gone through, the struggles, have paved a lot of influence in those genres.

But there is something about dance music. She’s like the woman that you can’t get out of your head. She’s different, and she stands out in so many different ways. Dance music has love in it and I feel that it brings the love out in people and helps people to fall in love with eachother!

Dance music has a lot of energy and I feel that it has bridged so many gaps and has broken so many walls and boundaries. At least in my young lifetime dance music has grown over the decades and the more I dig into its history, the more I see that it has always been there. It has been around for a long time and has survived many forms of opposition.

If you love “love”, and you love “dance music”, then you know what I mean. You know what I feel! That is the beauty of it all. I told myself this week that I was going to record a House mix to practice DJ’ing and to try and stay sharp. I need to make mixes because I have been procrastinating on doing that very “important” part when starting out in this Electronic Dance Music/DJ world!

If you are just a listener, or even if you are like me and trying to get closer to the music, you will find that there is beauty in every song. Every track is a little bit different and everything manages to connect to the world in some way. I don’t know I guess what I’m saying is that with love and dance music, it all seems quite beautiful to me. It all just feels right.

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