Take The Challenges And The Adversity And Build Your Momentum

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For every time you felt down, you felt out, remember that pain.  When they laughed, when they doubted, remember that feeling and use it to harness energy.  This world will not always understand you or understand what you see.  They will not know what you are capable of or respect you for what you have to offer.  You have to remember though that most will never respect you until you have proven that you have something to offer.  You have to show that you are who you say you are and that your vision is backed by action and by results.

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Actions speak louder than words am I right?  If so, then let them ring.  Let your actions be what sets you apart.  I know it’s easy to build things up just to never follow through, or to lose momentum along the way and then having to restart again.  That doesn’t matter.  That is, if anything, something that will make you and everything you are working towards that much stronger.

Sometimes we are tired, we are overwhelmed, but we must keep going. If we can just let go, just stop over thinking, and begin putting all of our energy into small actions, then everything will work out. We are capable, we need to just get out of our own way! We may not be invincible but then again real-world superheroes are those with a particular mindset. Even if you do not possess that mindset, or even understand what that concept is yet, you can learn. Never forget that. Remember, learning is what we are here to do anyway.

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