We Don’t Choose Who We Fall For, It Just Happens

Okay now the phrase “falling for someone” has a specific meaning but I like to sometimes think of it having more than one. I feel that sometimes out of lust or attraction that you can fall for someone but not necessarily be in love with them. I feel some people fall into their own category. These people are more of your acquaintances, people you don’t see often but there is just something about them that drives you crazy!

So we all have our crushes right? Okay, so you might not, okay so maybe you are lying to me right now. I hope you are because I feel most people have had a least one major crush if not a lot! Anyways, moving on. The point is, there are some people that you are just attracted to and you don’t understand why. Or, I guess you kind of know why, say mainly its lust, and they are just gorgeous, than okay that probably is the reason.

“Yeah, so I picked the gummy bears because I was trying to represent “options”, but also they look really good right now”

So I’m naturally very picky when it comes to dating, I’ve only recently adjusted my standars only to be more social. At the end of the day though when it comes to committing to anything long term, the preson has to check all of the boxes, or at least most of them!

I know I know, “looks aren’t everything Mike!” Yeah okay, back to the “adult” conversation, guess what, looks are important! Now this doesn’t mean that you win an award for being some tall gorgeous snob, oh no its not that simple. I’m sorry if you fall under that category, but I’m sure you can work on that.

“Yeah so uh, hey I’m Mike, whats up”

So for me, I’m a sucker for brunettes and especially tall ones. I used to be fond of brown eyes but as I’ve gotten older light-eyed women sort of “pull” me in. I think maybe it’s because of my mother. She is a brunette and light eyed and I think somewhere along the line in life a lot of people end up being attracted to people that resemble those that loved them most. It’s more of an unconscious thing. That would be my guess anyway. Also I think I like the contrast between dark hari and light eyes, its very striking!

We don’t really get to choose who we are attracted to, or who gives us that particular feeling. I mean, hell I’ve tried fighting it with certain people especially given some of the circumstances. I mean half the time I’m like Mike, what the hell are you thinking!

“Blogging Is Very Relaxing By The Way!”

But I guess that’s life! I mean we are human and what makes us most human is the fact that sometimes things just don’t make sense. Sometimes we are just crazy about people and we don’t really know why. Sometimes despite our best intentions, we managed to run into them, or just see or hear something that reminds us of them. Anyway, I guess it’s hard to really know why anything in this life is the way it is. I guess we just have to keep moving and keep trying new things until we begin to understand this life, just a little bit more.

PS: In my defense, she is really stunning. Like wow! Ahhhhh….. 🙂

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