We Are Everything We Choose To Be

We are everything we need! We have it all, our potential is there. We just have to tap into it, and start uncovering what lays beneath the flesh. We must figure out what we are good at and what works best for us. We might be missing something so simple, yet something that could change our lives forever!

So many of us will take our dreams with us to the life after death. We will never share what we believe in with the world. Some will never become the person that they always thought they could be.

Many of us will not take risks. We won’t act with our small window of opportunity. We will miss the boat every time and we will grow old and wonder what happened! Some of us however will make the choice that will change everything forever. Some of us will make the choice to take control of our lives starting right now!

Often times we put everything off. We procrastinate and give up. We never act or deviate from our daily routines. We never just randomly do something completely different just for the sake of being, “different!” Because of that some of us never change.

That does not have to be the fate for you or for myself. We can choose to do something with our lives. Many of us still have time. If you are still above ground, you still have time to change something even if it is simply your perspective!

I wasn’t a DJ before, I never knew how to, but I learned! I still have a lot to learn. I never knew how to make a website, much less create a blog, but I learned that too. My point is, I, much like you, have the ability to learn. We can learn a lot and believe it or not we can even enjoy, you guessed it, “learning!”

We can pick up a book and turn the page. We can watch a video, ask a friend or stranger for insight, or help. We can sit and think to ourselves, “how does something work?”

We can go outside and look up and begin to ask why the world is the way it is. We can dig deeper and go further, we can research what interests us! We can do a lot with the life we have. The question is, are you going to do anything?

Life can be scary at times, but it can be fun and exciting most of time! We can make it fun by learning everyday. We can choose what we want to learn and how we want to go about learning it! We have the power and we have the choice. All we must possess is the will. So today after reading this, I ask you, will you do something different? Or, will you choose to do the same thing?  Will you choose to live the same life?

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