How We Help Ourselves By Accepting Our Reality

Thoughts can drive us crazy, literally insane! We can lose touch with reality and start spinning our lives into a deep and dark hole of doubt, fear, and failure. We can make things seem worse, or bigger than they really are. We are good at using our imaginations for the bad things in life, but what would happen once we started using them for all of the good?

How do we help ourselves? How do we get out of our own heads and into the lives that we want? It’s simple actually! We make it hard but the answer is clear. We just have to let go, and reframe our thoughts. Let me explain.

We are already capable of making a mountain out of a molehill right? So what if we take that same energy, and that same powerful imagination, and flip it? Literally, turn your thoughts into the opposite direction by imagining what can go right. Start thinking, why couldn’t this life go the way that I want. Why couldn’t I accomplish my goals, and break through my fears.

When we ask ourselves what we want we create a goal. When we take that goal and ask how we can attempt to achieve it, we begin creating smaller steps towards a distinct plan. When we start accomplishing our plan we begin to feel rewarded. We become more confident and more willing. We become happier, stronger, better!

A lot of things are out of our control, but a lot of things that are out of control, are in our control. Does that make sense? Again, let me explain. I’ve said it before but we as humans fear what we do not understand. If there is no immediate solution to our problems we begin to worry. When we worry to much we begin to crumble and to collapse.

Knowledge is power, there is no doubt in that. One way that I have taken the “fear of the unknown” out of my life is by self educating. I chose to start asking why to many things that concerned me and then began to do something about it. I chose to start digging!

After watching videos, reading books, I have found more control over my life and my worries. I understand more of why I behave the way that I do. I’ve learned more about the brain, more about food, or habits, or how to achieve success. I’ve learned how things including my own thoughts affect my body and my happiness.

For example, I know if I go out and drink the next day I may experience anxiety. I also know that the next day, “same day”, if I drink coffee with caffeine I will feel good at first, but then crash, also affecting my mood. I know if I combine the night before of drinking, with a lot of coffee “today” and a packed schedule, I’m going to become anxious. I will be very anxious in fact!

I know if I don’t eat breakfast, and I’m buzzing on caffeine and workout for a couple of hours, eventually it’s going to affect my clarity and my mood. I know that our brains create a “mountain out of a molehill” for a reason, to protect us from doing things that give us anxiety. Mel Robbins, author of the book entitled The 5 Second Rule, discusses that our brains sometimes think that we are in danger even if we are not!

These are just some examples but I hope that you are getting the picture. We can learn how we respond to life. We can learn how maybe our past, or our childhood has affected us and our well being. We can ask if we don’t remember certain things, was that memory losses for a reason? Have we repressed anything traumatic? Are we dealing with certain things now because we are older and our brain’s think that we are mature enough, and safe enough, to begin dealing with these kinds of things?

This life has a lot to offer us, but fear can get in the way. It is okay to be afraid, and it is okay to need time to heal and recover. But I think that we must ask ourselves the question, what is it we are fighting? Is it in the present, is it real, or is it something from our past? Does it even matter, or can it maybe wait? These are questions that I cannot answer for you, but I hope that you can begin to ask yourselves. Maybe we all can discover this beautiful world for what it is, or even what it, and what “we”, could be!

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