What If I Told You That You Are Closer Than You Might Think?

In a world filled with uncertainty and doubt, do anyone of us hold the key? Do all of us, potentially have the same opportunity for a better life? I’m going to tell you, “yes”, absolutely in fact!

Some of us choose to dream bigger than others. Some of us choose to continue to question life, and the world around us every day. When some people eventually get tired and maybe settle down, we decide we want more! We want a better job, or a job that is more like us. We want more money and time to do the things that we love with whom we love. We want the “dream”, and we won’t stop until we get it! The question is, why?

What if I told you that you are closer than you might think? To everything! What if that thing you want, that vision, that dream is so close? What if I told you that the reason you will eventually get what you want out of this life, is because you are willing to do what others are not? You can go further where others have stopped because you want really want to!

Some days I worry, other days I’m content. Some days I want to give up, and other days I’m like screw it, I’m sick or I’m tired. Either way I know that the things I worry about for the most part I do not have to keep worrying about as long as I keep working progressing towards something more. I know in the end everything will work out and as I grow older and more mature, I know how to remain calm. I’ve learned, for I have had help and have been taught.

If you want to keep going you can choose to. If you want to give up and to stop, you also have that choice. The beauty that lays within that is the idea of “choice” in itself! At the end of the day although some may suffer more than others, we all still have a choice. Even if the only choice we have, the only thing we can control in a moment, is how we feel, we have that choice. In the end, nothing and no one, can take that from us. So I ask you from this moment forward after reading this post, what will you choose? Better yet, why?

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