Be Able To See The Bigger Picture

Many of us want something more, but knowing what that something is seems impossible! Sure we have our “feelings”, we know what excites us and what drains us, but even then do we know what we want forever?

Throughout my life I have been told and taught what the American Dream is, or at least consists of. Before that, when I was young however, I was taught to go from being young with big dreams, to becoming “mature” and “realistic” with my pursuits, at least by school and society, not necessarily by my parents.

When I look back I think of my future as being funneled into two major categories: first, college and a white collar job after four years of study, second a blue collar job, basically anything not requiring a degree or requiring a “non formal” education.

You might find this hard to believe but doesn’t that thought process and vision seem a tad bit narrow? Maybe I was just young and naive, or maybe, I was just too deeply influenced at such a young age? What do you think?

Now I get it, today right now is different than say twenty or so years ago. Technology, although fast when I grew up, became exponentially faster in its evolution. This has allowed for an entirely new culture both regarding recreation and pleasure opportunities, along with work and career choices. It has opened up more doors and has made choices a little bit more numerous than say the two I mentioned earlier. The American Dream doesn’t have to be so “binary” if you will.

When I look around I ask myself what have I become? What am I doing now, and who am I currently surrounding myself with? These questions for anyone, I feel can say a lot about who we are at this present moment, good or bad.

In this life as we grow and mature we need to constantly adapt, and to be able to maintain our focus on the “bigger picture”. Like I said things change quickly so we constantly have to keep in focus what we want and need for ourselves, and continue to shift everything that’s moving, into that specific direction or chosen path. It isn’t easy, but as you can assume, it is most certainly necessary!

I believe our hearts and that “gut feeling” hold the key to everything. It’s hard to read sometimes but it can be quite loud if you are willing to listen. If you don’t drown it out with drugs or alcohol, and people and poor choices, you can begin to hear a guide from within. I think that is what keeps us going and is what keeps us traveling along our paths no matter what changes around us. I think we need to remember that, and to always find our way back to that little voice no matter how hard the road gets!

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