Life Gets Better When We Let It Get Better

Perspective is everything, is it not? I mean how we look at the world, the people in it, along with ourselves, is how we begin to discover what is really in front of us. It isn’t always so easy though however, is it?

When I look into the world I think of what I obsess about. I think of all of the things that weigh on my mind. I ask myself, what am I going to do for work? Am I going to get better at DJ’ing, and make something longterm out of it? Am I going to give up? I ask myself whats going to happen now that I don’t want to finish school? Will my future be a failing one? Will I look like a fool, covered in mistakes and having people say, “Ahhh Mike had a lot of potential, such a shame!”

Now those are my thoughts, at least some of them. Now before you attempt to feel sympathy, or for some of you, begin to get angry and to lose all empathy while saying, “suck it up”, I want you to listen. Those are my thoughts yes, but they come and go. They are much like life itself. I am discovering life and trying to figure it all out just like each and every one of you! Most times, I don’t know what the hell I am doing! Other times, I’m kind of okay with that. I mean, life is meant to be organic! It is meant to be uncertain, challenging, and somewhat scary! I mean, isn’t that why we love it so much?

Life gets better when we begin to “let it” get better. Half of the time we are making life more difficult, or are focusing on the wrong things. We focus on our shortcomings instead of looking at what we have aquired along the way, mainly priceless knowledge and experience! We are so measured by money, healthcare, social status, and our level of “independence” that we sometimes forget some of the wonderful things we already possess! We forget the breaths we are allowed to take, and for the heartbeats that give us the tempo and power to keep going. We are alive!

I know it gets hard, believe me, and I’m truly sorry. I’m sorry for the worry, the doubt, and the fear. I’m sorry for whatever it is you are going through or for whomever told you one day that you “couldn’t”, versus believing and telling you that you “could”! Let this be a sign from the cosmos, let me fill your heart with whatever it needs in this moment. For if you are reading this, I believe in you. So do me a favor, and go out there into this world, and prove us both right!


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