Moving Forward Happens With Small Steps

Many of us believe that in order to change for the better that we must somehow find a way to cross a valley within one leap! We think that it all has to happen at once, and that it has to happen right now! We fear that if something drastic doesn’t happen, we won’t gain the outcome and feeling we need and deeply desire.

There are times when we start to think differently about ourselves and our lives, that we begin to uncover a sense of darkness. The more we begin believing in something greater the more something seems to oppose us. We don’t know what it is or what it looks like, we only know what it “feels like”. We know that it is dark, scary, and it always finds itself right behind our small moments of courage.

In order to achieve what our hearts desire we must understand how to look within ourselves. We must learn how to see “through” to the other side. We must create a greater level of perception in order to begin to see the world as it is, not what we imagine it to be. Now when I say that I don’t mean that you cannot imagine a brighter future first. What I mean, is that when it comes to fear, that itself in many cases, is something we create in our minds that doesn’t always have to be there. It has no place for where we wish to go in our lives, and if anything is only a ghost story we tell ourselves.

If we want to create a better life and a clearer future for ourselves and others, we need to begin by creating a clearer mind. A clear focus and mindset will guide us along a better path. If we must rest, then we must rest. There is no shame in pacing yourself as long as your a striving to be productive. Try to avoid being “busy” versus “productive” so that you don’t fall victim to a constant “loop” of nothing, resulting in a complete waste of time! Persistence is key, it grants greater rewards than one might think, particularly, the rewards of strength, courage, and belief. Those of which I can assure you, are some of the most powerful tools any human can possess!

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