We Are So Much More

We are so much more, we can become so much more! We hold the power, we control our fate. Our futures are painted and paved by the choices we make, and by the dreams we choose to believe in! No one is going to tell you what you need to hear as well as your own heart and soul.

Time holds still for a moment when we focus. In that moment we feel we have control. If we take certain moments and focus our energy into our thoughts and dreams we begin to give them great power! We begin to feel warm inside from our very thoughts and that is very important. We need to stay warm to survive.

Whatever it is that warms you, that moves you, focus on that. Whatever makes you shine, or whatever translates your emotional language to the world is what will be your ticket. Find that and cling to it. Prioritize it and let it fuel you and radiate out to the rest of the world!

We are so much more! In the next moment we can choose to create. For example I am typing this right now. Do you see the power of a simple thought or emotion? Can you feel what I am trying to tell you right now? I thought you might be able to. You can also feel what your heart is trying to tell you and where your mind wants you to go.

Thoughts are the beginning, they are the “first draft” so to speak. They take “nothing”, and turn it into “something”! From there the rest is on you. You have to do what you need to do in order to manifest your thoughts into reality. You have to water the seeds, you have to provide the light! In doing that I believe that you much like myself can begin to evolve into something special. I believe from there we all can begin to become something great!

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