To The Woman Grateful For My Words This Post Is For You

Things tend to happen when you least expect them too. A lot of times people can appreciate you just when you might feel as if no one does. You see a woman reached out to me through Facebook just to say that she appreciated my kind words. She followed the blog on Facebook and asked if I could write something uplifting, it could be anything!

I haven’t written in a while because I have been focusing on learning to DJ and getting myself more experience. I also have been stressed because I’m still trying to figure my life out at 27. I’m also kicking myself in the ass for still procrastinating on things and opportunities that I can’t afford to miss out on.

This post though isn’t about me, it isn’t for me. This post is to the woman grateful for my words. So to the woman who reached out to me, I want you to know something.

Although we don’t know each other well, maybe it was fate. I don’t know if you remember but years ago I met you downtown at a club, you were a bartender at the time. I always thought you were attractive and I know for certain I always did my best to flirt with you. Little did I know however years later that maybe our paths would cross again.

I want you to know that I believe in you. I’ve seen you struggle and fight through things and come out on top. To me that shows that you are growing and that you are making the right choices. You are now fighting for something, although much smaller than you, it is something much greater than you. It is your “little one”!

You might not think that I notice but I do, hell even if it is just through Facebook, sometimes a picture still can be worth a thousand words. I can’t imagine things that you have gone through or things you might face along the road. Nonetheless I believe in you!

I believe that if you hold on and that you keep believing that everything will continue to change. Not only will you and your little one grow together, but your lives will grow too! The way you used to look at the world will become a memory. Everything now you will see through a new lens and with more knowledge and life experience. From this point forward the world will be yours! So to the woman grateful for my words, I say to you, keep going!

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