Make The Sacrifice

Behind closed doors are a lot of unseen efforts. People think that they know one another or what they are working towards. But I think that simply cannot be true. There is more to a lot of us than people will get the chance to see. Then again, how could they see everything? It’s impossible.

The day in and out to your vision of success and happiness is personal to you. It is made up of your past and your very own eyes. It is what you see, not anyone else! Day by day you work diligently in order to build something piece by piece. You work on this project and have the chance to be proud and to look back on how far you have come.

Many won’t understand your sacrifice. They won’t appreciate what you have done even if it is something incredible. They just don’t have the time to look that closely or even have the interest. That doesn’t matter though. It isn’t about what people can see. It is about the things that you work on that people can’t see. It is what you do late at night, after work, or before work. Its the overtime you put in that you don’t get paid for. Its the struggle and uncomfortable situations you put yourself in that force you to grow.

Someone always has it harder than someone else, that is just the way it goes. But just because that is true does not mean that your own personal struggle isn’t worthy of respect. Your sleepless nights and mental battles are greater than most will know. Your fatigue, confusion and frustration will be more than most can even bare, especially in this day and age. Your sacrifice for your goal and dream is what will earn you the opportunity and privilege of success, as well as the title of not just learner, but one day “mentor!”

You are not just doing “this thing” just for you. You are doing it so that one day you have the knowledge and experience to one day teach someone else. Your sacrifice will be the success for others someday. You will be their inspiration, or their leader. You will be the one people look up to and the one who’s help will be needed. Although your path might seem selfish now, in the long run it has the potential to become the greatest sacrifice for others. That is why you should make the sacrifice. It the end, it will all be worth it!

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