Why Focusing On Yourself Is The Key To Finding Your Path

Discovering who you are and what you are meant to become is something everyone try’s to figure out at some point.  If this doesn’t apply to you then chances are you were one of those people who just fell into what you love and stuck with it from day one.  To you your path “chose you!”

For others, much like myself, the road to success is nothing less than long and winding.  It has stops, checkpoints if you will, and has many interesting things along the way.  We might find ourselves in places we never expected with people we never thought we’d ever meet!  Our road although confusing, in fact might just be that much more interesting!

When I look back I can remember feeling very different.  When I think about it and look back, that I always felt like a fly on the wall more often than not.  To me the world around me and the people in it moved rather slowly.  I could see and feel things that others seemed not to notice, or at the very least, just didn’t talk about.

Today those feelings or “senses” are still the same, if not stronger.  I choose to look at the world differently and stay true to myself.  I “focus”, on me and try and figure out not only who I am, but more importantly what am I capable of, and what am I meant for!  To me a life without a deep purpose to serve not only myself and family, but others, is a life wasted!

When I meet new people I can’t help but dig deep.  I’m a Scorpio so I struggle with keeping conversations light especially with total strangers.  To me you have any and every moment to keep things “light”, but if this is the only chance you will ever cross someone’s path, wouldn’t you want the conversation and the moment to be meaningful, to be memorable?  Wouldn’t you want it to have purpose?

I focus more on myself now than ever because I don’t want to waste time.  Even when I was younger there were times where I was selfish with my time and still am.  If I don’t have to, I choose to do what I want to do with my time while I still can!  I don’t have kids, I still live at home, and my parents do still support me.  To me, this is the opportunity to make up for all of my past mistakes and reap the potential rewards for my “hard learned” lessons up until now!

If you are trying to find your way and you feel that you have to prioritize yourself and your own needs then do it!  If you aren’t hurting anyone else and you aren’t neglecting anything truly yours, say kids for example, than you owe it to yourself and anyone you care about to discover yourself!  Once you find out who you are and what you are meant for you can begin to give back to anything and everything you love in a way you never thought possible.  Remember, this blog came from me trying to find myself. I have the power to inspire people all over the world!  Doesn’t that mean something?

Keep discovering!

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